Medical Marijuana Around the World

Medical Marijuana

As the United States leads the march on legal medical marijuana, Canada follows in close pursuit. With laws recently passed in Canada that now allow all forms of medical marihuana to be consumed, laws are becoming less rigid as more and more people discover the promising benefits the plant holds for countless medical conditions. These neighboring countries aren’t the only ones looking towards a future full of medical marihuana.

Medical Marijuana Around the World

medical marijuanasGanja’s going global and more and more countries are in the wake of the trail the US is blazing. Countries worldwide have their eyes set on Colorado and Washington to see just how well these states (and their citizens) are doing when it comes to legal recreational and medical marihuana. As all eyes stay set on these US states, there isn’t much mention of other countries that have taken heed to what’s happening on the legal medical marihuana front.

Just twenty years ago the mere mention of medical marijuana legalization in many countries was taboo. The times however are definitely changing and the global march for legalized medical merry jane is undoubtedly on. So what does medical marihuana look like around the world outside of the US and Canada? Take a look at how other countries feel (and what they have done) as medical marihuana sweeps the globe.

Medical marijuanas informacion

Historically, the church provided African-Americans with a place to congregate and exchange information. During the civil rights era, our churches were a place of refuge for the marchers and protesters. The church was more political, and dealt with issues seen as important to the “African-American community” and this still stands true today.

However, educating our community will take more than just a few conversations; it will take an entire campaign of educating in “Spirit and in Truth” – John 4:23-24. Cannabis, in my opinion, is natural and was put on this earth by our Creator centuries ago for the healing of mankind; and yet this conversation with our religious leaders has yet to take place.

When in reality, this small yet very powerful step or conversation could, in my opinion, lead to the federal legalization of this magnificent plant.

By Craig Kahn