Top 10 Marijuana Seeds to Grow at Home

Marijuana seeds to grow at home

marijuana seeds grow at homeWe’ll hook you up to the most highly productive and elegant-looking female marijuana seeds. Ranked on factors like potency, popularity, ease of growth, disease resistance, yield potential, effects, and more…

Here is a diverse range of the best-feminized seeds from renowned cannabis seed banks.

Best feminized seeds

  1. AK-47 (ILGM) − Best feminized seeds overall (16 cannabis awards).
  2. Blue Cookies (Crop King Seeds) − Top choice for beginners.
  3. Blue Dream (Seedsman) − Huge yield, up to 850 g per plant.
  4. White Widow (ILGM) − Suited to most climates (1,300+ reviews).
  5. Strawberry Cheesecake Auto (Seedsman) − Resin-rich cannabis strain.
  6. Cali OG Kush Haze (Crop King Seeds) − 24% THC strain for stress relief.
  7. Runtz Muffin (Seedsman) − Unique fruity tastes and huge 1000 g yields.
  8. Granddaddy Purple (ILGM) − 100% Indica weed strain.
  9. Gelato (Rocket Seeds) − Best feminized strain for experienced growers.
  10. Super Silver Haze (ILGM) − 90% Sativa strain.

How to choose marijuana seeds 

Easy to grow cannabis seeds

Easy strains give novice cultivators a pleasant time with a significant prospective yield. While experienced breeders prefer moderately challenging strains for higher yields and effects.

Fast flowering time 

Most of the marijuana feminized strains we selected have average flowering times of 7-9 weeks.

Seeds grow outdoor or indoor 

Another goal was to pick flexible cannabis seeds that could grow well indoors or outdoors, and all our cannabis seed strains meet this goal.