What does a CBD Pillow do?

CBD pillow for relaxing sleep

CBD pillow for relax

Unlike CBD oil which is ingestible that wears off after 3 hours, the CBD Pillow releases micro-doses of CBD all night long, so you can have a relaxing uneventful sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed & balanced, not groggy. CBD has been proven to help relieve chronic pain & trouble sleeping. Guaranteed to improve your sleep.

The way these pillows works is that it delivers a microdose of CBD that is infused into the pillowcase. The company claims that it is enough to last 6 months. At this point, you can order a new pillowcase.

Authentic hemp-derived CBD helps to promote soothing relaxation and a good night’s sleep. It also could help to relieve certain symptoms linked with common health ailments like pain and stress.

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